Réminiscences is an attempt to confront the
viewer at his own image which is projected on the
wall, as if his ghost was trapped behind the videoprojection. In TV’s, endless apparition and disparition of faces showing, like spectral presences. Those
faces are taken from movies, when actors look at the
camera. The sight exchange between faces behind
the screen and the spectator is an invitation to get closer to discover his own image appearing on the wall. But he can’t see his face, because of the camera placed behind
him. A little noisy sound can be heared, but it is very
unpleasant, as the ongoing light flash of the screens
and lights. It can be understandable by the will to produce  a difficult experience
for the spectator, in the long term, to change habits
he has usually in front of a screen. This installation offers a
flash summary, so the viewer wants the quiet…





Trying to confront several
reality’s levels : reality we can experiment physically – or the
viewer’s physical reality – and the virtual reality, the one behind
the screen. Since the beginning of cinema, television and now
smartphones, we are easily dive into the simulation who catch
senses, but let the body’s conscious out of the experience. Here,
the viewer is invited to sit in front of a television who contains
his own image. Behind it, a video projection of industrial and
moutain landscapes is separated by the wall’s angle, to leave the usual
video’s plane surface. Confrontation between physical and
virtual reality is on, but the viewer blocks the videoprojection
with his body, so he can see his shadow on the two walls. There
is also a soundtrack, used to renforce the viewer’s immersion.
The travel’s tracks contaminate the viewer’s memory, so the
interpenetration of real and virtual world, of present and absent,
is completed.






These peculiar night moments,

when our perception

comes more  from our senses

than from our reason.

What lefts from these moments, where our sight is transforming itself in desire,

in dreamy thoughts, deep into the night mood ?